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Book Tour Wrap Up!

Jan. 12th, 2006

Thanks to everyone for a terrific book tour!  I drove 10,000 miles, did 20 appearances/readings/screenings, enjoyed a national appearance on ESPN2's morning show Cold Pizza, a terrific, hour-long interview on NPR's RadioWest with Doug Fabrizio, and national and regional TV and radio appearances everywhere from NBC10 in Philly to "Lincoln Live" in Nebraska . I met so many wonderful people and saw a ton of new country. 

A few highlights: the New Brighton campground in Capitola , CA is one of the most stunning campgrounds anywhere, perched right above the ocean--the water was chilly but you can't reach the ocean and not jump in! (My thanks to the Westmoreland family for letting me crash in their site when my site was double booked).  The rest stop on I-90 in North Dakota near Teddy Roosevelt National Park was magical, star-strewn, cold; in St. Paul, MN a visit with Garrison Keillor highlighted a terrific reading at Micawber's bookstore (thanks Rovers! nice job, Jare); in Logan and Salt Lake City, UT we put on concerts/screenings/readings with folk artist Cherie Call, baritone soloist Michael Chipman and bluegrass ensemble Lincoln Highway, with poetry from Uncle Gary and commentary from Mark Twain—huge, enthusiastic crowds made the evenings truly memorable. Thanks to everyone for coming!  It was wonderful to see you all.

Blizzards and rainstorms didn't stop loyal friends from showing up in DC, Logan, Boston, New Haven, New York, Philly, Seattle and Portland... thanks to organizers Paul Nager in Old Lyme, CT, Rob Jones in Salt Lake, Richard Peterson and Dan Zastrow in San Rafael, CA, Will, Erik, John and Robyn in Hartford, the Aggie Blue Bikes coalition in Logan, UT, and fine bookstores across America like Powell's, Third Place, Micawbers, Candida's, King's English, Capitola, Porter's Square and many more. Thanks to great venue/theatres like Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake , the Smith Rafael Film Center in San Rafael , CA , and Real Art Ways Cinema in Hartford , CT.

And thanks to all the hospitable True Fans all along the way (who saved me from sleeping in my car), folks like Kurt Kuenne in LA, Kathleen Brill in Boston, Elaine Bongiorno in Seattle, Melanee and Michael Evans in Longview, WA, Leif and Carol Langensand in Palo Alto, my folks in Cache Valley, Utah, my brother Jared in Minneapolis, Clint and Clara Ewell in Maryland, Carrie Regan in Washington DC, Nick and Pam Arauz in Brooklyn, Sterling VanWagenen and family in Woodland Hills, UT, my sister Alicia, Annie and Jay in Seattle, Amy Freeze and Gary Arbuckle in Philly, Krista and Erin in Salt Lake, Tracy, Holly and Abby in Montclair, NJ, and many more...

Thanks for the chai and chat and meat, Slick-buddy, thanks to Puff for the gym pass; thanks Erin, for the smile; great seeing old friends in Portland, in LA, in DC, in Seattle--heck virtually everywhere! Effigy Mounds in Iowa along the Mississippi has a unique spirituality to it—visit and listen to the old ghosts... Mt. Shasta on a clear night under the full moon is haunting; at Houston 's in LA I will never eat anything but the Evil Jungle Thai!  Taaaasty!  (Thanks for picking up the tab, Kurt). Drop into Ruth's Diner up Emigration canyon in Salt Lake if you get a chance; check out Philz Coffee in the Mission in San Francisco for the best chai latte anywhere... Thanks for picking me up at the airport, Dad and thanks, mom, for telling your expansive list of friends about the book. Thanks for not pulling me over, officer in Idaho while I drove with me knee, chatted on my cell phone and shot with my camera cruising down I-15... with the dome light on... Even all these years later nothing beats kicking it on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial at sunset... and the river walk in St. Paul in late October is serene... be sure to pop into Isles Bun and Coffee for puppy dog tails in Minneapolis...

Thanks to everyone for coming to the packed Launch Party at the C3 gallery in Soho , NY , Thanks Ron and Pompei A.D. for the great hospitality—and thanks MudFunk for the killer jams.  Thanks to Sharon, Steve, Taylor, Renée, Kelly and everyone at 66 North for your support of the tour. Thanks to my wonderful, supportive agent, Amy; thanks to my editor Tom and publicist Liza (who saved my bacon at my launch party) and Jane and Gwen and everyone else at Lyons Press…

I could go on for days...

I'll be doing a few more events in 2006…  please email me for information, dan@truefans.com.  The book's doing great and I have been thrilled with the response. 

Once again, thank you all for a tremendous book tour!

In other news

Jan. 1st, 2006

True Fans the Musical was acquired by Fox Theatricals and will likely premiere in 2006.   The musical team of Bill Rosenfield, Nathan Tysen and Chris Miller did a tremendous job (thanks for coming to the Soho launch party, Chris)--I've heard a few of the songs and they're rich, textured and full of the passion and longing we felt on the road.  Nice job, guys.  Check back for updates...

"True Fans" The Book!

Sept. 6th, 2005
Available October 1st, 2005 from Lyons Press. Click here for more information.

"True Fans" by Dan Austin, a nonfiction book chronicling the True Fans' cross-country pilgrimage to the Basketball Hall of Fame and exploring the tenants of grassroots heroism, hometown America and the spirituality of the quest, will be published in Fall, 2005 from Lyon's Press. Fall, 2005 book tour planned. Check back for links, release dates and information.

"True Fans" Book Tour
Click here for screenings, readings,
and appearances from Dan Austin.

"True Fans Forever" World Premiere

Sept 2nd, 2005
In select cities, screening with the original True Fans as part of the True Fans book tour. Read on for screening dates/times/locations.

True Fans Forever screenings (True Fans Forever will screen with the original True Fans and will be preceded at each location by an introduction and reading from author/filmmaker Dan Austin):

October 11th, 2005, The Criterion, New Haven, CT, 7:00 PM. (www.criterioncinemas.com),

October, 13th, 2005, Sommerville Theatre, Boston, MA, 7:00 PM (www.somervilletheatreonline.com/)

November 9th, 2005, Kingsbury Hall, Salt Lake City, UT, 7:30 PM (http://www.kingsburyhall.com/) Show will include performances from folk artist Cherie Call (www.cheriecall.com) and bluegrass ensemble Lincoln Highway. (www.lincolnhighwaymusic.com). Both artists provided much of the original music for all of the True Fans films.

Tickets available from the University of Utah Outdoor Program— 801.581-8516 http://www.utah.edu/campusrec/orp_crs/orp.htm) or by calling Kingsbury Hall at 801-581-7100.

You may also purchase tickets at Kingsbury Hall the night of the performance. For more info, call Rob Jones at the University of Utah Outdoor Program at 801. 581-8516.

(A portion of all ticket sales will go to support the Outdoor Program's student adventures)

November 30th, 2005, Ran Rafael Film Center, San Rafael, CA, 7:00 PM. (www.cafilm.org).

December 6th, 2005, Utah State University, TSC Auditorium, Logan, UT, 7:30 PM. For more information call Utah State University's Outdoor Program and chat with Kevin Kobe—435.797.0551 (A portion of all ticket sales will go to support the Outdoor Program's student adventures.)

December 16th, 2005, Real Art Ways Cinema, Hartford, CT, 7:00 PM. (www.realartways.org)

True Fans Musical acquired by Fox Theatricals.

Sept 2nd, 2005
Check back for production updates.

"True Fans" The DVD!

Mar. 17th, 2005
True Fans DVD available. DVD includes Director's Commentary, motion menus, prequel to True Fans: Pilgrimage of the True Jazz Fans, scene selection, soundtracks, world premiere documentary, etc.

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