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True Fans Book

True Fans Book!

A few years ago I hopped on my bike with my brother Jared and my best friend Clint and took off across America. I had two creative objectives for that trip: one was to make a film (True Fans, 1999), the other, was to write a book. But not just a travelogue--a book about Heroism, about America and the grassroots goodness of the people my comrades and I came across along the way. These "True Fans" showed up in every town, every city--from the head of security at the Empire State Building who rushed us to the top for free, to Dick Simmons, the coal-miner in West Virginia who gave us a dirty, coal-streaked five dollar bill. But this book is also the culmination of a lifelong search for "the Magic," whether on the road or on the basketball court, and its pages are filled not only with experiences from our trip across America, but with many more from throughout the world. These journeys were taken first with my family as a kid, then with friends, girlfriends, perfect strangers and sometimes alone. True Fans is the culmination of all these searches, an homage to the road, to basketball, to the power of the pilgrimage, and the richness of humanity. I think you'll find, as I did, that what was true for Jack Kerouac or my ancestor King Alfred the Great is still true today: the road holds all the answers.

"...a modern-day classic"
–Library Journal

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DAN AUSTIN is a filmmaker and writer based in New York City. His documentary of his trip (also titled True Fans) has screened in over 150 cities in North America, and 16 film festivals. It was the winner of the People's Choice Award at the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Austin has recently directed a film about street kids in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, worked on a feature-length documenary with Angelina Jolie, and produced film projects in Iceland and Paraguay.