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2005 - My previous pilgrimage films discuss going on the journey. But True Fans Forever is about going home. It’s me and my brothers’ return to the land of our ancestors, Scotland, England, Ireland; it’s Uncle Gary’s bittersweet return to France after a 20-year absence. It’s journeys and snippets from throughout the world, celebrating the inspiring interconnectedness we all share.

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1999 - True Fans is the anchor of the trilogy, the story of our cross-country mountain bike ride to the Basketball Hall of Fame. And while basketball is our sacred meditation, the trip is really about the camaraderie we shared and the people—the True Fans—we met along the way. The trip became a Key Journey for each of us—and sometimes, even now, years later, when we get together, we’ll recite everything we did, everywhere we slept and everyone we met, for each wonderful day of that 100-day trip.

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1997 - Our first epic ride together! My brothers Micah and Jared and I and our buddy Clint mountain bike up to Jack and Dan’s Tavern in Spokane, Washington—probably the first pilgrimage in history to end at a bar.

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